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Creativity during quarantine. Ways to NOT make your shitty life shittier.

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Life as we know it has completely changed with the rising coronavirus pandemic. The noisy crowded streets are now empty and quiet, as though the very soul of the country has been sucked out. Much like the haunting yet beautiful pictures of abandoned towns and cities.

Yes, there are people suffering and doctors working through the night to bring everything under control and not to mention the economy plunging into the depths of despair. And the farmers abandoning their produce on the street due to near zero demand.

But oh no. that’s not what we’re going to talk about. There are obviously more important things like our self-indulgence and boredom. We sit in our comfortable homes, with enough food, supplies and of course - toilet paper, far away from the front lines complaining of having nothing to do.

Humans are social animals (well, most of us). Point is, even if you liked staying at home, it’s different when its imposed as a rule. The walls of our rooms that comforted us may suddenly seem like a cage.

But one thing is strikingly clear, our days are numbered. We may be cooped up in our houses waiting for this pandemic to pass, but time ain’t waiting for no one. With every passing day we’re a step closer to our deathbed.

So, is it ok to just wallow in self pity and grief as we let the days roll by? There isn’t much of an option now, is there?

Well, you’re wrong.

If we take a look back into history, we find that many inventions were fabricated during times of isolation.

For instance, Isaac Newton being 23 when the Great Plaque hit London says that those days of lockdown were his most intellectually fruitful days. It was during his time in quarantine that the famous Apple Incident took place.

Furthermore, psychological studies state that constraint and boredom are the potent ingredients to trigger an invention.

Here are some creative solutions to boredom tackled by wacky, out of the box ideas

1. A dad from Hertfordshire built a ski lift in the garden to keep his daughters entertained

2. Italians enjoy drinks while maintaining social distancing.

3. life imitating art – where people recreated famous paintings

In these dark days, self-pity won’t get you anywhere. I’m not telling you to come up with an earth-shattering intellectual discovery (not like you’re a genius anyway🙃 ).

Just use this time to work on yourself. So, when this is all over (and if you’re still alive...), you can walk out of your homes as better individuals.

Who doesn’t love a good glow up?

Here are some things to do during lockdown:

1. Workout

Maybe its finally time to check this out of your to-do list. Don’t you think its been a while? Lemme get you hooked to some good routines that will make your workout enjoyable.

You can check out more of her programmes on her website

That after workout feeling is exhilarating. Trust me. (uhm... after you get through the first week of intense body pain and torture 🙂 )

2. Learn a new skill

Its never too late to pick up a new hobby. For instance, I discovered 12 new ways to annoy my parents. It’s pretty fun actually (for me).

It doesn’t have to be a serious one like programming. Just something that will keep you occupied and your brain ticking.

3. Skin care

Skin care = self-love and self-love = happiness. It’s basically science. Here are some videos to get you started. Your skin will thank you. I promise.

Whatever you decide to do, Make every day unique.

And of course, STAY HOME. STAY SAFE. We don’t want more people to die.

🖤 🖤 🖤

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