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The Drifters (Part 1)

The Drifters is a series of illustrations of the different forms that exist within us. Of different emotions that pulse under our skin.


She stopped searching for monsters under her bed,

And started looking for them in her head.

As the lines suggest, the monsters and demons that we think are lurking in the shadows and uncovered crevices are only the fears, voices and whispers of pain that haunt us.

It was a dark night. The rain was lashing at the roof and windows with tremendous force, and a will to beat the world to the ground.

I was home alone. And like everyone else who’s home alone on a dark spooky night, I was watching a horror movie.

As the credits rolled by, I heard a loud squeak.

That’s when I noticed it.

My mind imagined the sound. Made me hear it. And put the images of ghosts and ghouls in my eyes. It showed me twisted, mangled bodies.

Its like my mind is working against me. Waiting to bait me and spark fear of everything around till all that I trust is myself.

I might sound like a lunatic. But, hear me out.

How many times have you thought you’ve heard or seen something that scared you out of your wits? How many times has your mind fabricated twisted lies to create nightmares that make u shiver when you try to sleep the next night?

Furthermore. There’s nothing more evil than a human mind. In my opinion.

Its not limited to the thoughts of fear and danger. But the evil that a person is capable of doing. Behind every heinous murder committed, is a mind egging the person on. Behind every war is a mind with a thirst for power.

Material used:

  • Polychromos colour pencils

  • An old broken mechanical pencil

  • Paper.

The process involved:

Me crying over how the proportions weren’t right.

And two hours of colouring, sprinkled with delightful 10-minute emotional outbursts when things went slightly wrong.


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